Network Upgrades!

With Internet finally here, it's time to upgrade your networks to take advantage of network services!

Village Support

Village travel for installation and support is the backbone of our business!

Remote Desktop Support

We can help you on your workstation with Quickbooks, Office Applications, Printers, and more! Over the shoulder support is quick and easy!!

Security Cameras

Unfortunately crime has risen and security cameras are now a necessity for business. We can put together a useful system that is easy to use and monitor.

Phone Systems

Phone Systems for Business! We have phones systems across Rural Alaska. We configure them to meet your needs and we can manage them remotely for changes or any other needs.

Contact Us!

Help is just a call or email away. We would love to hear about your needs, your project, or any other way we can be of assistance.
Alaska Technologies has over 20 years experience in providing remote technology solutions for business in the extreme environment of Rural Alaska. Let us help you today! Call today 907-545-1999!