Small Business Support

Small Business Technology Support

  • Remote Desktop Assistance
    • Over the shoulder troubleshooting and support
    • Server and Network Management
    • All remote with no airfare or visit required

Small Networks

It all starts with the network:

  1. Install cabling and network jacks
  2. Install and configure network router and switches

This allows all manner of devices to “live” on your network including:

  1. IP Phone system
    1. Powerful phone services including:
      1. Voicemail to email
      2. Auto Attendant
  2. Security System
    1. IP Cameras – High Definition with Audio capabilities on some models
    2. Remote access by mobile or desktop
    3. Alerts and Alarms by text and email
  3. Server System
    1. Centralized file sharing
    2. Quickbooks sharing
    3. Printer Sharing
    4. Automated Backups

Small Networks and Technology Services for remote business, government, and non-profits.

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